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Accurizing, Customizing, & Repair

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Over 20 years of professional experience and education.


since 1993

"To learn gunsmithing I drove to Tishomingo Oklahoma (Murrray State) every summer for 8 years. ‎I have also taken classes in North Carolina and Oregon. 95% of my instruction has come from Mr. Bob Dunlap, the former head of the gunsmithing program at Lassen community college in California. Other instructors include Jack Rowe, Ron Power, Dean Arnold, and more. I have been blessed with excellent instruction and always do my best to live up to their quality." - Kevin Neblock

Coursework & Certifications

Master 1911 builder class

In April I had the privilege ‎of being accepted into and attending a Master 1911 builder class taught by Bob Marvel.  Bob is known for building the ultimate in accurate and reliable 1911s. With match ammo, his pistols are well known for 1.25" groups at 100 yards!! To get the opportunity to learn from someone of Bob's level is very rare and I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity.  As an added blessing, Bob has invited me to his shop for additional one on one 1911 training. I hope to have completed this by the end of August.  - Kevin Neblock

Murray State College - Tishomingo, Oklahoma - In cooperation with the National Rifle Association of America

Custom Building a Single Action Revolver

Bluing, Parkerizing, and Alternative Finishes

English and European Double Shotguns

Design, Function, and Repair of Triggers

Design, Function, and Repair of Shotguns

Design, Function, and Repair of Assault Rifles

Design, Function, and Repair of Colt 1911s

Design, Function, and Repair of 22s


Ultramatch AR 15

American Gunsmithing Institute - Oregon

Design, Function, and Repair of Colt Revolvers 



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offering Gunkote alternative finishes, as well as Parkerizing and hot bluing. 

Trigger Jobs

Specializing in trigger jobs & backed by 60 hours of professional training. 

"The single biggest improvement you can make to your firearm is improving a rough or heavy trigger. Safety and consistency are key.” - Kevin Neblock

Contact Kevin Neblock for a consultation to learn how he can improve the quality of your trigger and optimize your shooting experience.

Custom Builds & Upgrade Packages

Nagant upgrade package

Customized Russian Nagant, custom scout mount for scope, synthetic stock, muzzle break, trigger job, recoil reducers. 

  • Synthetic stock
  • Trigger job
  • Custom scount mount and scope - boresighted
  • Basic action job ‎- smooth action
  • Gun Kote refinish - one color


  • Shorten barrel
  • Add muzzle break
  • Gun Kote refinish - multiple colors
  • Install Timney trigger
  • Glass bed

Mini 14 upgrade package

  • Match barrel installation
  • Basic action / bolt job
  • Custom chamber
  • Recoil reducer installation 
  • Trigger job
  • Partial bed job
  • Gun Kote finish on barrel


  • Stainless barrel
  • Front fire sight installation 
  • Complete gun Kote refinish
  • Custom scope mount

A few of the many custom Firearms built by K&S Gunsmithing over the years. 


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